The District of Saanich

Saanich Municipal HallSaanich East and Saanich West (population 102,000) is a sprawling area composed of a number of distinct neighbourhoods.

The eastern side of Saanich is dominated by the University of Victoria which is very much a part of the local life of the community. The landscape of Saanich is unique for its ecological diversity and leisure potential. There are 170 municipal parks, three regional parks and a cycling network route to see and explore. Saanich has more parks per capita than any other municipality in B.C. There are several excellent golf courses in Saanich: Blenkinsop Valley, Cedar Hill, Cordova Bay and Prospect Lake golf courses.

Saanich's distinct neighbourhoods include the following:

GORDON HEAD, a solidly upper middle class family area with several shopping malls, restaurants and movie theatres within a short driving distance.

HIGH QUADRA overlooking Blenkinsop Valley.

Cordova BayBROADMEAD with imaginative West Coast architecture.

CORDOVA BAY perched along the seaside; a mixture of cottages, small farms, sizable family homes and new subdivisions.

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